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About us

Guangzhou Runming Tea Co., mainly focuses on wholesaling high quality no pesticides/EU standard Chinese teas and organic-certified teas.

Runming in Chinese refers to the water to grow tea trees. Established in 2009, now we have cooperated with many big tea companies in Germany, UK, France, USA, Canada and so on.

Tea plantations

We have our owned tea farms across whole China, which those farms are strictly controlled the usage of pesticides; and accompanied our clients to visit our different tea farms each year to learn different teas making-process and its variety.

OEM service
We have produced many OEM tea products for our clients, such as blooming tea, Matcha, Longjing, and so on.

Small packages services
We help packing teas in different small sizes, such as Matcha from 1g to 250g per pack, loose leaves tea from 15g-250g per pack, pyramid tea bags package service and so on.

Customized tea wares production
We produce various customized teawares for our clients and conduct all quality inspection by ourselves to 100% guarantee perfect condition to ship out.

Professional tea storage warehouse

We have very professional warehouses store different types of tea, to maintain their super freshness/best conditions before presenting to our clients; such as freezer rooms to store green, white teas and strictly-controlled rooms to store dry-storage Pu Er.

We welcome your inquiry and cherish each opportunity to cooperate with you to achieve win-win situation.